Seasonal Affective Disorder, Why Summer Makes Me Sad.

Hi everybody, Abby here.

For those of you who do not know, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression. defines this depression as “A kind of depression that occurs at a certain time of the year, usually in the winter.”  Now, why on earth am I talking about this now, in July when its hotter than Channing Tatum? Because I hate summer. I hate all the time off of school, the excessive heat, time away from my friends at school, all the ruggrats running around, and the excessive heat.  As the temperature begins to crawl into the triple digits, my smile slowly turns into a scowl.Why do people enjoy this time of year? Somebody please tell me, because I’m coming up with nothing. As I write my pro/con list for summer to try and sway my believes, I’m running out of room for my cons and the only pros I have is flip flops.

First off, this heat. You can’t do anything outside unless you want to look like you just got out of the pool and smell like you’ve never seen a shower. Just in the two minute walk to my car from the movie theater today, I was soaked. In the 15 minutes I was outside today, my makeup had melted off, and my Diet Coke was lukewarm. Yuck.

Second, the styles of clothing. I am a big fashion lover, I love clothes, shoes, scarves, and jewelry. But, in this weather, the only clothes I can wear is a bathing suit, tank tops, and shorts. I want to wear my adorable Burberry scarf, ugg boots, cute sweaters, and jeans!

Third, I miss school. Yes, I just said that. Having just finished my freshman year in college, I got to enjoy living in the dorms away from my parents and the sweet, sweet freedom that came from that, And now here I am, back under their roof, missing my friends who live 2 hours away and watching We Bought a Zoo for family movie night. 

Now, Summer does have a few nice attributes. I love wearing flip flops more than most people, and going to the Drive-In is the definition of fun in my book, going to outdoor concerts at night is something I never pass up, and Sonic milkshakes are always better when my teeth are not chattering. But, my love will always belong to winter. Christmas time, fresh snow, heavy coats, warm coffee, boots and scarves, Black Friday Shopping, and sitting next to an open fire. Now all of that, will turn my scowl into a smile.

Stay Happy and cool Everybody!

Until Next Time, Abby.


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My name is Abby, I am a college student with lots to share. I love everything from movies to healthy (and not so healthy) eating, to shopping and fashion. Follow my blog to get great recipes, movie reviews, and to just hear about everything that i love, hate and everything in between!

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